The Slate Story
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A Unique Product that will last a lifetime
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Slate   originates   from   different   parts of   the   world,   such   as   Spain,   England, and South America. It   is   found   in   large   quarries,   under the   Earths   surface,   and   is   naturally formed. Slate   is   a   metamorphic   rock   that   is formed   under   conditions   of      intense high   heat   and   pressure,      slate   pieces vary   in   colour   and   texture   depending on the mineral and clay content. High   Quality   slate   has   been   used   for   thousands   of   years   for   heritage   buildings, such   as   stunning   churches   that   have   been   standing   for   hundreds   of   thousands   of years,   the   strength   and   durability   of   slate   is   outstanding   and   will   last   a   lifetime on   roofs   and   floors.   The   most   common   colours   of   slate   are   grey,   black,   dark   purple, and   green.   The   Welsh   slate   being   a   purple   colour,   the   Brazilian   is   green,   and   the Spanish a greyish black. The   longevity   of   a   slate   can   be   up   to   200   years,   a   slate   does   not   fade   or   discolour and  its durability is incredible.   And   now   with   the      creative   minds      of   enthusiastic   chefs,   the      elegance   of      slate   is now   being   presented   in   top   restaurants,   chefs   and   slate   go   hand   in   hand   as   its popularity grows. The   “slate   plate”   is   proving   to   be   a   stunning   asset      to   Chefs   and   restaurants   all over the world. Slate story 2012
Jason still uses this Old Slaters Axe today.